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 Now feel free to check your handicap at any time using the new touch screen monitor which is located just out side the GM office in the Club House lobby.



Your Handicaps can also be seen online anytime at our website: http://vietnamgolfcc.com/index.php?option=com_vngolfhandicaps



OOB Ruling – In the past we have used both OOB markers and OOB lines. We are now officially only using OOB STAKES as official markers. This will be changed on new score cards and takes effect immediately. All Golf Operation caddies and staff have been informed, and while the white line may still be visible in some areas, please ignore it and follow the OOB STAKES only.



 Since OB is the topic of the month, we will continue on that same track, and each Newsletter we will update you with a new RULE OF THE MONTH


OB Defined

According to the USGA, out of bounds is defined as “beyond the boundaries of the course or any part of the course so marked.” This boundary is marked by white stakes that are considered “fixed,” which means players are not allowed to move them. A player can stand out of bounds to hit a ball that is still in bounds, but cannot move the stake if it is in the way. A ball is OB only if the entire ball is OB.

Stroke and Distance

The penalty for OB is commonly called “stroke and distance.” This means that a one-stroke penalty is added to the score, and the ball must then be dropped as nearly as possible to the spot from which the original shot was played. In effect, this is a two-stroke penalty, since the player has gained no distance from the original shot; it is as if the original shot had never been played at all. Because of this, repeated OB shots can add several shots to a player’s score quickly.

Provisional Ball

In order to speed up the game, if a player believes that his shot has gone out of bounds, he may tell his playing partners that he is going to play a provisional ball. To do so, once the other members of his group have played their shots, he announces that he is playing a provisional ball and plays another ball from the same spot as his original shot before the group moves on. If his original ball turns out to be OB, he simply picks it up, adds his penalty shots and plays the provisional. If, however, the original ball is in bounds, it is still in play; he plays his original ball without penalty, and just picks up the provisional ball.


New Golf Buggies



Golf buggy rental has been increasing over the past year steadily. Thus too improve our service to members, we have just this week taken delivery of some new golf buggies (15 units) these will be available for hire from next week. They are again a Dark Green color with similar features to our original 30 units.





 In September we will have a 3 club challenge Event.  Players can choose any 3 clubs and take on the course. There shall be 2 mens divisions and a lady division. Details coming soon or contact us for information. This is a very fun event to play and will certainly test your creativity.

Last Friday the 17th August, we held the 3rd Scratch Game. With a small field of usually about 40 players. It has so far been a truly international event, with pros and amateurs, from Japan, Australia, Korea, Ireland, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia competing. In 3 events, nobody has broken Par, winning scores - 73 West, 73 East and 75 West, which goes to show that both the East and West course from the Back tees, are not so easy. Anyone interested in joining the next game which will be held in late September, please let us know, Thong from Golf Ops will be arranging the event again. 





Ms. Thoa our hardworking Superintendent and the GCM & Landscape team of over 100 employees, continue with several small and large projects in renovating both golf courses. This of course is on top of the regular maintenance that is carried out in preparing the courses daily for play. Below are some details about what’s been going on. 


  1. A Major Tree Trimming program has been going on since April, there are several reasons to do this, but most importantly, is too allow more sun light to the key grassed areas (tees, greens, fairways), as we all know trees can overgrow fast in this part of the world, and after being let go for some years, it has certainly been a huge job to trim them back. This work will be ongoing for several more months at least and we are starting to see some changes and in some cases, the holes are returning to a fairer playable standard.
  2. We continue changing the fairways grass on the West course to a more shade tolerant variety. About 60% of the fairways have now been converted and I think we can all see a major improvement in West course Fairway conditions. This work will continue until 100% of the grasses are changed and I estimate by mid 2013 all this work will be complete.
  3. Bunker Renovations- We are about 50% of the way through the East Course Greenside bunker renovations and continuing. (See below) we will also continue to West course and all Fairway bunkers during 2013. There are several reasons for this work, including improving Sand texture, drainage, reducing erosion in Wet Season, fairer playing test for golfers and better lies in the bunker bottoms, and of course for more visually attractive look.     
  4. Some new Landscape additions have begun to be added to Golf Courses, especially the East Course where many open areas can be beatified and grass in not required. Look for major improvements in the beauty of our golf courses over the next 12 months as this work continues.



Golf Course Maintenance department (GCM)  have been busy renovating bunkers of the East Course with a modified method in which the existing bunkers with soft slope have been changed to a more flat-bottom style with steeper faced walls. Not only does this new style of bunkers have a much more dramatic visual appearance & provide a new challenge and fairer playability for all golfers, they are much easier for the GCM team to maintain. Normally in heavy rain, we have major erosion issues and contamination with soil which leaves sand levels inconsistent for golfers. The 4 step process to better bunkers now is an all in one solution that benefits everyone.



Photo Descriptions

Top Left – Remove old sand and remove old drainage lines and bunker liner fabric

Top Right – Dig out soil and re-shape bunker bottom to flat to create fair lies and even sand distribution, and create steep walls for a dramatic and challenging test.

Bottom Left – After inserting new drainage lines, the bunker is covered with a new anti-erosion Bunker liner

Bottom Right – Add sand, and ready for play!






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