Driving Range

The driving Range at VGCC is now a truly international facility! With World Class Fitting Facility, Repair Centre, Test Clubs by Taylor Made & the FLIGHT SCOPE Launch Monitor system which is used by all the best US PGA and EUROPEAN PGA TOUR players. To test your swings please make an appointment with Mr. CR KIM improkim@gmail.comcell 909896388 who has been trained by experts from Taylor Made to fit you into your custom set of golf clubs.

Demo Days coming soon!!

  • Taylor Made Fitting days and Demonstrations to launch the R1 Driver and the RBZ Rocket Ball Launch of new Models
  • Titliest Demo Days with Vietnams First PGA Qualified Golf Professional Duc Pham. Duc will be here at VGCC for the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of March to share his knowledge and talent. Lars Holden (PGA) will also be here for the whole weekend. Put the dates in your diary and stand by for announcement of the next Taylor Made Demo Days.




An 8 week Junior Clinic has been completed at Vietnam Golf & Country Club. Each Sunday from 2.30-6pm students ranging from 5-15 have been learning a variety of lessons each week 

A typical lesson will include a 20 minute Question Quiz on Rules & Golf Course Etiquette and manner. 

Students will then have about 1 hour on the driving range working on full swing technique. Short game and putting and some mini team and individual competitions are played. At about 4pm the kids are then paired into groups and head out to the golf course for 3-5 holes of golf. There are no caddies allowed as we feel its important kids learn the correct on course skills as well as to take care of the course. 

A new program will start in March after the TET holiday month is over and some School Holiday programs will be developed. So keep these activities in mind for your kids.   

For further details of the Junior Clinics please contact :

 andrew@vietnamgolfcc.com or marcusmcpherson@gmail.com



  • The TAYLOR MADE R1 driver & Fairway woods are now available at the pro-shop and driving range for demo and purchase.
  • ROCKETBLADEZ irons have already had 2 wins on the PGA tour in the first 2 weeks of the season!!  Why not take a club fitting at the range with Qualified club fitter



This Month Specials 

·        30% of Titliest 910 Drivers + a free 1 Dozen Pro-V1 Golf balls with every purchase!  

·        30% of NIKE Golf Polo Shirts 

·        30% of KJ CHOI golf pants 

  • TAYLOR MADE Travel Bags are also a great buy at 40% while stocks last. 3,500,000D




 The Golf Course Maintenance team do not only focus on the overall health of the golf courses in the short and long term, but is also always looking for ways to improve the playability and presentation of the courses for your enjoyment. One very recent practice we are using to improve the playability on the East course is the use of Growth regulators (GR).

What the (GR) do is modify the way the grass grows. Simply put it grows less vertically and more horizontally. This results in tighter lies and better coverage of ground, a good thing for golfers and improved ball lie.  


We have previously used these GR are greens for some years, and have known about the benefits from a playable perspective, and now just recently we are using on the fairways in order to achieve better conditions for players. The use on the fairways only just started last November for the first time after some initial testing resulted in positive changes, we decided to apply for the Club Championships and are now continuing the use into 2013.   


 Not only does the use benefit the golfers, but also the green keepers.  Growth regulator help to reduce mowing frequency requirements, and leads to less overall grass clippings, this equates too less stress on machinery, lower fuel requirements, & labor needs. Also the grass due to a change in growth pattern can be cut lower, for tight and more appealing fairways lies. 

by Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa

Left Photo – The upper area has used Growth Regulators, while the lower area did not.

The total area was mown with less than perfect cutting blades however the area that used no GR has some visible damage due to increase vertical growth (more grass to cut). 

Right Photo – Improved color and tight canopy of grass offers great playing conditions for golfer. Plus lower height of grass from 14 to 10mm and less stress for the Maintenance team so we can worry about other jobs. So it’s a Win-win Situation.


Since this is an new practice we learn from our mistakes too.. Here can be seen we overlapped when spraying the GR on the fairway and some areas where stressed out… so in future we need to take care on applications to get the perfect results

 “Good luck golfing in 2013 from the Golf Course Maintenance Team” !!




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